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Rahul Digital Hub
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University Partner

The key to getting this right is to collaborate with the right partner. Therefore, we seek prospects who have a vested interest in the event topic, product and audience.

Once you have identified apparent synergy points, we can create a mutually beneficial package that will add value to our event and add value to your business.

As an event partner, you will add value by associating your brand to our event and opening up their exclusive marketing and promotions channel to help promote it to their audience.

Typically an Event Partner will be able to:

1. Promote the event on your website
2. Promote the event in the company newsletter on and offline
3. Insert event flyer in corporate mailings
4. Promote the event on Twitter and relevant social media platforms.
5. Announce the partnership in Press releases and trade magazines

As with the paid sponsorship packages, this list will vary depending on the partner’s timescales and workforce. We need to enter into the partnership with an assurance they can deliver their side of the deal!

If this sounds excellent opportunity, we are game!

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