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Career Hackathon 21 helps to get noticed by industry leaders, senior decision-makers and qualified buyers with our attractive Sponsorship Packages.

Sponsor Career Hackathon 21

Career Hackathon 21  is the most significant and influential forum for Career Counsellors, Universities and Schools.

It provides exclusive branding and hosting opportunities for organizations and companies looking to develop and leverage business opportunities with Colleges, Schools and Career Counsellors. So why not use the gathering of decision-makers and career counsellors to elevate your brand fully capitalized on the wealth of prospects on offer?

Sponsoring this Career Hackathon’21 is also a direct expression of support for the individuals who work with students and counsel them every day.

Opportunities are crafted to suit a range of budgets, keeping your brand front of mind with this influential international community.

Who Attends



Schools & Institutions


Career Counsellors


Students & Freshers


Edtech & End-User


Sponsorship Categories

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Custom Speaking

Integrate your presentation into the event schedule reaching a targeted audience within a featured area conference room or private space..



Highlight the presence of your company at an event by showcasing your brand in a high-traffic location and make your brand a destination.

Career hackathon 19

Lead Generation

Receive measurable and meaningful ROI by obtaining qualified leads from attendees, viewers or readers.


Connect with an audience before, during or after any event by utilizing a variety of print or digital options such as email marketing, impression-based retargeting programs, 

Experience the power of live marketing

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t address everyone’s marketing needs. Often, our customers have unique marketing challenges – new product launches, custom events, ROI based marketing objectives, niche target audience, etc. – which require a more strategic approach.

At Career Hackathon’21, we specialize in developing custom marketing plans and welcome you to schedule a conversation with us to share your company’s unique marketing needs, goals and challenges. In return, we will provide you with a sample of a solution-oriented marketing plan illustrating the digital and event marketing tactics you might want to consider within your budget range to achieve your goals. To schedule a strategic analysis of your marketing challenges.