Speaker Opportunity

Career Hackathon’21 is looking for speakers from industry professionals with experience in Academia, Overseas & Domestic Admissions, assessments, Skill Councils and Scholarships.

We are seeking:




We prefer high-quality vendor-neutral speakers from integrators, consultants,  administrators, government organizations, and academia.

Our focus is on the future specification, development, assessment , certification  products, services, and Counsellors.

We prefer proposals from front-line implementers. Vendors are encouraged to recruit clients and Universities, School Heads & Career Coaches who are front-line implementers as speakers.

Benefits of Speaking

As a speaker, you’ll receive complimentary full 1-day conference registration, (Worth Rs 35,000/-). Your name, photo, professional biography and organization will be featured in Career Hackathon’21 promotion and the conference web site. For any questions, please contact us at srao@thecareerbeacon.in

Checking Status and Notification of Your Submission

Once the review of your submission is finalized, you will receive notification by email. 

Submission is EASY

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Last Date

Dec 01, 2021


 Dec 02, 2021

Media Bytes

 Dec 7, 2021

Event Day

 Dec 17, 2021

Call for Speakers (FAQs)

No. Our call for speakers is only an invitation to submit a proposal for consideration. The invitation is not a guarantee that your proposal will be selected.

No. Keynote sessions are selected separately and are not a part of our call-for-speakers process. The proposal you will submit will be considered only for speaker in various panel Discussions, pls refer to the Agenda

No. All proposals are evaluated based on the online submission only. We do not require any other support documentation for consideration.

Speakers are notified latest by 20 Nov 21. There are some exceptions, but the policy is to notify a speaker with enough advance notice to meet the Career Hackathon 21 requirements as per timelines.

Once all speakers for a conference have been confirmed, individuals whose topics/slots were not accomodated are notified via email.We keep doing the summits so you will be surely be apprised about our future events.

We select speakers based on the discretion of Speaker Committee.

Yes. Career Hackathon’21 develops all panel topics internally; however, a panel topic may be proposed with the understanding that the Career Hackathon’21 will ultimately select a moderator and panelists who may be different from the individuals submitting the topic.

Maybe. Under certain circumstances the Career Hackathon does allow co-presenters.

As a speaker, you’ll receive complimentary full 1-day conference registration, (Worth Rs 35,000/-). Your name, photo, professional biography and organization will be featured in Career Hackathon’21 promotion and the conference web site.
Neither we pay to any speaker nor we sell any speaker slots.

As speaker your time is only expense you shall make at Career Hackathon’21. The hospitality is on us.We expect the speakers selected to present at our conference to have no out-of-pocket expenses.

No. Career Hackathon does not pay an honorarium to its concurrent session speakers.

Selected speakers must provide upon notification of their selection the following:

Short 100 word biography
Professional high-resolution headshot photograph (300×300, 300 dpi minimum)
After receiving the speaker guidelines and agreement speakers will provide:
Signed speaker agreement
Conference Presentation Paper (by due date in agreement)
Presentation Slide Set (by due date in agreement)

The Career Hackathon speaker agreement allows us to make clear and manage all Career Hackathon and speaker expectations. The agreement informs the speaker of deadlines and requirements.

The conference presentation paper serves our attendees in several ways. First, for those who are interested in attending a session, they can scan or read through the paper to gauge potential interest (papers are provided to attendees in advance of the conference). Second, the paper serves as a reference for those who attended the session and want to revisit some content. And third, for individuals who were unable to attend the session.

Typically 10 minutes to a particular speaker in total Fifty-five (55) minutes in length, which includes a short (10–15 minute) question-and-answer period.

Yes. We encourage a moderate use of videos and other media in presentations. However, if you wish to use a video or other media, you will need to obtain all appropriate legal permissions to do so. You will also need to submit all media to Career Hackathon in advance of your presentation for approval (usually on the same date slide sets are due).

Learning objectives should describe specific actionable knowledge or skills that the attendee with take away from the session. A topic or discussion point alone does not constitute a learning objective. It must demonstrate what the attendee will be able to do following the session. For Career Hackathon formatting, properly written learning objective should be ale to complete the sentence “You will learn how to…”

Yes, It is proposed but not mandated.

No. At the present time all of our sessions are conducted in English.

Proposals are typically kept on file for two years and are revisited when the need arises for a particular topic.