Excellence Awards

Rewarding Mentors across Industry

The aim of the Excellence Awards :

  • To reward the mentors across Industry
  • To identify and promote excellence in career development
  • To celebrate and generate a sense of pride in the career development profession and our partners
  • To raise the profile of Individual Career Coaches and the members of the National Career Counsellors Network
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Excellence Award categories in 2021:

  • Individual awards
  • Best practice awards encompassing K12 schools; Student/Employer Engagement;
  • Technology and Research
  • Start Up

1.1 Individual best practice awards

  • Career Adviser/Coach of the Year (Industry Specific)
  • Career Leader of the Year
  • Career Service Manager of the Year

1.2 Best practice Awards

Careers Programme 

  • Programs at Schools
  • Program at Special School (Specially-abled)
  • Career-Related Learning in K12 Schools
  • Innovative and Impactful Employer Student/Engagement Activity

1.3 Best practice research and technology awards

  • Research Undertaken by a Careers Professional
  • Use of Technology in Career Development
  • Special programs for underprivileged, Women empowerment & Jail inmates, Senior Citizens,LGBT Community

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible to receive an individual best practice Award, you must be a certified Career Counsellor, HR Professional, Coach ( Across Industry & Domain)
  • Entrants to the Career Programme in Special Schools/Colleges; Career Related Learning in Primary Schools and Innovative and Impactful Employer Engagement Activity best practice Awards can be any institution

Nomination to Career Hackathon’21 is MUST for Award Nomination.


Entry Closes

07 Dec 21




08 Dec 21


10 Dec 21


17 Dec 21

Frequently Asked Questions

Your awards questions, answered

We’ve answered the most common questions about the  Excellence Awards here. Can’t find the answer? Get in touch.

NCCN Excellence Awards aim to recognise these skills that resulted in excellent mentoring and coaching work across industries in the past year by professionals who know their jobs like the back of their hands.

The awards scrutinise various parameters by the jury to assess entries on Subject Matter Expertise, relevance and success ratio. The competition will be tough. After all, being a true mentor or coach is not up to everyone’s alley.

The awards are open to anyone who meets the criteria of the related category.

The individuals and educational institutions who have demonstrated leadership in establishing career counselling practices, driven knowledge sharing through collaboration, and mastered will consider the dynamic world of careers for awards in Five categories.

These awards are to felicitate schools, counsellors, and universities for their contributions to career and college counselling. Also, open to Coaches, Educators & Motivational Speakers, Edupreneurs, Educational institutes, Teaching Staff, Student Mentors.

If you are not serious about your self development and networking  with peers you do not meet the basic criteria of a Mentor. The people who work behind the scenes are selfless working to put this event .The nomination to the event endorses that you are learner and go getter.

Yes, we accept self-nominated and third party entries for both organizations and individuals.

There are no limits to how many unique submissions can be made by an individual or organization as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for the category.

Easy – just select your category, then complete the online application form. You’ll get an on-screen notification and an email to confirm we’ve received your entry.

No, there are no further charges upon confirmation.

Please make sure than any relevant supporting documents are provided in PDF or PowerPoint format only.

Our Jury has asked for 3 inputs from each nomination. (Word limit 250 words) and evidence (if any)

  • Give specific examples of the nominee’s accomplishments towards meeting the award criteria.
  • We encourage you to work jointly with colleagues to nominate an individual or team. However, the quality of a nomination is preferred over quantity of submissions.
  • No nominee is expected to fulfill all criteria.


FAQs continued….

National Career Counsellors Network is one of the Counsellors Network that specialises in creating a Counsellors Community offering a comprehensive bouquet of services for the Education Industry. To read more, please click here www.nccnindia.in

Yes – all awards submissions are treated as highly confidential. Only the Excellence Awards team and judging panel will view them.

An exclusive opportunity for you to promote and raise your profile with the Excellence Award.

A ceremony that focuses on “QUALITY”, which is integral to your brand’s growth. The event will capture and showcase the value and quality of your work and showcase it to a premium audience in an ultra-premium setting!

Jury is selected from a pool of experienced  members in NCCN network. Each one is asked to declare any interests they have such as former colleagues or employers so that the judging process is carried out fairly.

Sit back and wait, in the meantime we will:

  • Review all submissions against the set criteria (if you’ve missed anything important, we’ll contact you to clarify)
  • Send all submissions to the judging panel for scoring
  • Finalise the scores
  • Let you know if you’ve been shortlisted
  • Announce the shortlists on the Career Hackathon website and social media channels
  • Announce the winners at the Award ceremonies

Each of the jury ranks the entries in order of preference based on the document you upload. The winner will be the entry with most 1st places. If these are tied then 2nd places, 3rd places etc. will be taken into account. If there is a tie then the Head of Judges will have a casting vote.

If there is only 1 entry for a category then judges will be asked to recommend whether any award should be made or not.

Followed by the Jury selection, you will be asked to appeal for the voting on your social Media handles and Career Hackathon social media handle of your choice.

The objective of this award is to reward and recognise the  individuals and educational institutions who have demonstrated leadership in establishing career counselling practices, driven knowledge sharing through collaboration, and mastered will consider the dynamic world of careers for awards.

Incase if you do qualify the Jury Round we shall remunerate you with an year’s subscription of our Print Magazine or something similar to the worth of the same.

Please note the efforts made by our team shall not be counted in it.

Winners get a Framed certificate and a Shield, and they get an exclusive coverage in Media.

Please contact us at nccn.careerhackathon@gmail.com

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