Mentors Award

Mentor Awards


  • Nominees must be a current member of National Career Counsellors Network
  • Or Member of any Partner Network like CCI, BonMentor and Many.
  • Nominees must have made an significant contribution as a Mentor, Career Coach, Therapist, Wellness, Emotional Coach, Tutor, Influencer on YouTube, or any domain, Teacher, Professor, Trainer, Public Speaking or any other domain.

These contributions can be through a variety of channels or types of mentoring activities. Mentoring can be a one to one experience or an individual can mentor a group.

Eligibility for the Award acknowledges mentoring in the following categories:

Individual: Assisting one or more individuals to reach their goals in Schools, College or Career that they may have not otherwise attained.
Group: Providing positive guidance to a group such that a goal of significant value to industry is achieved by that group.
Indirect: Providing mentoring opportunities for others by creating an environment that fosters and encourages such relationships with a positive outcome.


All nominations shall be in the form of a letter with the following information:

  • Name, address and business affiliation of nominee.
  • Tangible and specific information defining how, when, and to whom the nominee has demonstrated how members have been influenced to reach goals they may have otherwise not sought or been able to reach.
  • The letter must clearly indicate the mentoring category (individual, group, or indirect).


The Recognition and Honors JURY selects  recipients each year.

Award Timeline

Nomination deadline: 07 Dec’21